3 reasons why letting Jonathan Marchessault go makes sense

Jonathan Marchessault is no longer a Vegas Golden Knights star. He's off to Nashville, leaving Las Vegas behind. Here's why that's not a bad thing.
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Divorces can get extremely messy, sometimes. It becomes a case of "he said, she said," where both sides plead their cases about why they've justified their separation. It stinks for the various parties involved, whether it's the children or family pets. That's the case with Jonathan Marchessault and the Vegas Golden Knights, who went their separate ways last week.

With the team and the "Original Misfit" failing to reach an agreement, Marchessault hit free agency. There, it's where he signed a five-year, $5.5 million AAV deal with the Nashville Predators. It signaled the end of an era where the team's heart and soul would no longer be present.

Of course, this led to interesting commentary from both parties, starting with the winger. He stated that Vegas didn't make a concerted effort to re-sign him in the past year. However, general manager Kelly McCrimmon refuted these claims, saying he was in regular contact with Marchessault's agent, Pat Brisson, throughout that timespan.

Whatever the case, let's not overlook the impact No. 81 had on the team. He's the all-time leader in goals (192), assists (225), and power play goals (42), to name a few. Along the way, he won a Conn Smythe trophy and a Stanley Cup, adding to his lore.

Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that his departure has left a void in the hearts of Golden Knights fans everywhere. However, there's a plausible cause regarding why letting him walk was the right decision. In fact, there are three reasons why it makes sense (hear me out, please!).

Jonathan Marchessault is 33 years old

Wanting a five-year contract at 33 years old is good news for the player asking for it. It provides a security blanket heading into retirement, where they can rest comfortably. However, that's not the case for the team handing it out.

The contract would've expired when Jonathan Marchessault was 39 years old, making it an albatross for the Vegas Golden Knights. Given Vegas's history of dumping older talent for newer stars (see Marc-Andre Fleury and Reilly Smith), it shouldn't surprise fans that a deal wasn't done.

The thing with Marchessault is he's mainly a sniper, serving a purpose offensively and on the power play. While Vegas has historically struggled on the man advantage, having the winger around until he's 39 would've made him a liability later. That's also because...