3 reasons why Chandler Stephenson should be re-signed

Everyone is talking about No. 81 and possibly signing an extension with the Vegas Golden Knights. However, there's one Golden Knight to watch for to return.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
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3. Stephenson fits the system well

As mentioned earlier, another thing that Chandler Stephenson has going for him is he's a good fit in Bruce Cassidy's system. Cassidy values players, specifically forwards, who play a two-way game. Being able to move around all 200 feet of the ice is something valued for the Golden Knights.

With Stephenson's speed and adaptability, that makes him a good choice to re-sign if Marchessault doesn't come back. Compared to the winger, who's 33 years old, 5'9" and 185 lbs., Stephenson is 30 years old, 6'0", and 205 lbs. If fans aren't getting the beloved "Misfit", the Saskatoon native should be a priority to resign.

Marchessault is valuable to the Vegas Golden Knights based solely on his offensive contributions. He's great on the power play and is an excellent finisher with consistent ability. However, he's also limited defensively, which is especially true at his age. Stephenson doesn't have such limitations, which is why he would be a good substitute for the Golden Knights should Marchessault not return.