3 reasons why Chandler Stephenson should be re-signed

Everyone is talking about No. 81 and possibly signing an extension with the Vegas Golden Knights. However, there's one Golden Knight to watch for to return.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
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2. Stephenson can be a cheaper option

According to Evolving-Hockey, Jonathan Marchessault is projected to earn a contract worth $7.2 million every year. That sort of cap hit is tough for McCrimmon and the Vegas Golden Knights to cover. Even with a trade or two happening, it completely changes the dimensions and dynamic of the Golden Knights.

That's even with a big contract like Alec Martinez coming off the books. Unless the Golden Knights plan to call up a prospect or two and go cheaper, they must make a trade if there's any hope for the beloved winger to come back.

Compare that to Chandler Stephenson, who should come at a cheaper price. The center's max should project around $5 million, but it will likely fall a bit lower. If McCrimmon feels Marchessault is too pricey for a Golden Knights return, that will make Stephenson look like a more attractive candidate to return.

The Golden Knights are hurting for cap space, which will be freed with some trades. Of course, that comes with giving lucrative contracts to key pieces like Jack Eichel, Noah Hanifin, and Mark Stone. But that's what makes Stephenson more lucrative in this scenario, for Vegas won't have to break the bank as much.