3 reasons why Chandler Stephenson should be re-signed

Everyone is talking about No. 81 and possibly signing an extension with the Vegas Golden Knights. However, there's one Golden Knight to watch for to return.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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1. Chandler Stephenson is in his prime

There's a solid argument for bringing in a younger player to return for the Golden Knights next season. That's especially true if that player is three years younger than Jonathan Marchessault. For Chandler Stephenson, he's the perfect fit for this scenario, sitting pretty at 30 years old.

The Canadian forward came into 2024 strong, producing 10 goals and 23 assists after the new year. In fact, he's had three games where he's had more than one assist in a game after January 1st. Sometimes, it doesn't matter if a player gets off to a slow start. As long as they finish strong, they can make a case.

Even though he didn't show up for the Vegas Golden Knights against the Dallas Stars (just one assist in the series), Stephenson still has plenty of solid attributes. He can play with any line and adapt in any situation, with the type of versatility needed by head coach Bruce Cassidy.

While Stephenson might not be the prolific goal-scorer that Marchessault is, he fits Cassidy's system well. He's a two-way forward who skates well, using his athleticism to make plays. Vegas's second line is just as important as the first, which is where the Saskatoon native comes in.