3 reasons why Chandler Stephenson should be re-signed

Everyone is talking about No. 81 and possibly signing an extension with the Vegas Golden Knights. However, there's one Golden Knight to watch for to return.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Vegas Golden Knights fans can't go one minute without talking about winger Jonathan Marchessault and extension talks. The beloved "Original Misfit" is an unrestricted free agent this summer, coming with a hefty price tag. Will he return to the Golden Knights or will he hit free agency and leave Sin City altogether?

That's the pressing question that has numerous Golden Knights fans on the edge. However, there's another unrestricted free agent that should be considered for a return to Vegas. His name is Chandler Stephenson and he was crucial in the Golden Knights winning their first Stanley Cup in franchise history.

"But why Chandler Stephenson, though? What makes him an appealing candidate for the Vegas Golden Knights to target for a return in free agency?"

Well, dear reader, that might be something asked if Jonathan Marchessault doesn't return to Las Vegas next season. After all, he will cost a pretty penny for Vegas this summer. That comes with the territory of scoring 42 goals this season. For general manager Kelly McCrimmon, all options are on the table regarding this offseason.

However, there's more value to Stephenson than one might realize. Granted, the Saskatoon native might not be an "Original Misfit" or a bubbly personality. Stephenson also doesn't have a Conn Smythe trophy with his name on it. However, it's always the quieter players who play a big role in a team's success. For the center, that's no different with his Vegas tenure.

Still, the center was a valuable piece for the Vegas Golden Knights during his tenure. Therefore, there's good reason for him to come back in Las Vegas next season, should Marchessault not return. In fact, there are three solid reasons for a Stephenson return.