3 reasons why Anthony Mantha not returning makes sense

It appears Anthony Mantha isn't returning to the Vegas Golden Knights next season. Here's why that makes sense.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game One
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game One / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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Anthony Mantha won't be a main priority anyways

With not being impressive enough comes not being a priority in the offseason plans. While it might hurt the prospective player, the Vegas Golden Knights have other needs that must be addressed. The farm system isn't bringing up many pluggable players any time soon, which makes nailing the offseason a bigger priority.

Of course, the big focus will be on Jonathan Marchessault and getting him re-signed. The "Original Misfit" scored 42 goals this season and earned himself a Conn Smythe trophy during his Vegas tenure. Therefore, Vegas's focus during free agency will be bringing back the popular player for another go-round.

Obviously, there are more pressing issues with the Golden Knights right now. There's the issue of replacing five departing forwards where they won't have room to bring back. But it's also a tightrope act when the team is on a tight budget. That's especially true when the big name is a beloved player with a long history in Las Vegas. This leads to the next point...