3 potential trade packages for Golden Knights's Shea Theodore

Shea Theodore is one of the most talked-about trade candidates for the Vegas Golden Knights. Here are three proposals for his next destination.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
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Cue the "Dagger"

Shea Theodore goes to Chicago

The Vegas Golden Knights need to create some salary cap space. They also need to amass some draft picks for the future. Meanwhile, the Chicago Blackhawks need to surround Connor Bedard with some solid veteran talent (not one that has extracurricular affairs with Bedard's mother, though). They want their young megastar to become a huge success, with the older talent supporting him.

Why not send Shea Theodore to the Windy City? The Blackhawks have $33,790,000 in cap space, which means they can make that move twice over. They also have a plethora of draft picks to expend, which bodes well for Vegas. How many? Chicago has 28 possible draft picks over the next three seasons, which gives them plenty of draft capital and salary cap space to work with.

Meanwhile, the Golden Knights have a surplus of defensemen to work with next season. They added Noah Hanifin at the trade deadline and have Ben Hutton ready to take the next step. With the 28-year-old's salary cap hit in the final year of his contract, he's the most logical pick to get traded. Both teams help each other with their pressing needs, creating a win-win situation that ends with "Chelsea Dagger".