3 players Vegas Golden Knights fans must believe in next season

There are three names Vegas Golden Knights fans should believe in for a rebound next season. Who are these three players.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Vegas Golden Knights
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Shea Theodore

Now there was plenty of concern among Vegas Golden Knights fans about Shea Theodore last season. He didn't produce any points in seven games during the Dallas Stars series. He also only had one goal after returning to the Golden Knights lineup on February 20. However, there's plenty of reason to still believe in the star defenseman.


For one, he produced 23 assists since returning on that day. He's never been the type of defenseman to score flashy goals, shying away from the Paul Coffey lifestyle. However, he's a good playmaker with some good offensive instinct, including when the play's developing. He looks great with Jack Eichel on the unit, with the two setting up give-and-go plays easily.

He's also great on the power play, serving as the all-time leader in power play assists. He has 74 power play assists to his name, making him the best on the team. Yes, he hasn't gotten much love in recent memory. That's especially true since he plays in a thankless role. However, fans should believe in the Canadian defenseman for what might be one final season with the team. After all, his contributions are underrated.