3 players Vegas Golden Knights fans must believe in next season

There are three names Vegas Golden Knights fans should believe in for a rebound next season. Who are these three players.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Vegas Golden Knights
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Alexander Holtz

Originally traded by the New Jersey Devils, Alexander Holtz should come into next season with a chip on his shoulder. He wasn't thought of much by the Devils, with a wave of young talent usurping the former first-round pick. However, a new setting should help the Swedish forward break free.

Last season, Holtz scored 16 goals for New Jersey, which was good production for a young winger. The 22-year-old has the upside and capacity to score 20+ goals regularly. He's especially dangerous in the high-danger slot, where he can do the most damage. That should help add more bite to the Golden Knights offensively, for they have a young player who can do damage.

Aside from scoring from the wing, he also moves well. He's quick and has excellent lateral movements, making him a scoring threat on the breakaway. Add some great off-the-puck play and Golden Knights fans should have every reason to believe in Joe Hendry--er--Alexander Holtz.