3 players Vegas Golden Knights fans must believe in next season

There are three names Vegas Golden Knights fans should believe in for a rebound next season. Who are these three players.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Vegas Golden Knights
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"Say his name and he appears,
I believe in Joe Hendry!


I believe in Joe Hendry!"

On Impact Wrestling, Hendry saved the beloved mascot for the Vegas Golden Knights, Chance. This happened in 2022 when the Golden Knights were in the middle of a Stanley Cup-winning season. In essence, believing in Hendry helped Vegas win their first title in franchise history through some vicarious means.

But now, the pro wrestler is making fans believe in him with his WWE NXT run. His gimmick is getting over at an incredible rate, with an over-the-top gimmick oozing nothing but fun. Don't forget to say his name, Golden Knights fans!

But that goes back to a greater point. Everyone loves a feel-good story, especially when it involves a great gimmick. For Hendry, his blonde hair and bright personality have gotten him over with numerous wrestling fans. In turn, they're believing in the superstar to take that next step. Who knows? He might win a championship in his future.

It doesn't matter if it's London, Paris, or Tokyo. His gimmick has quietly grown on fans and even casuals. But let's say three names that Golden Knights fans must believe in. No, these players don't need to be playing the guitars or waving their hands from side to side in the field. However, they have a chance to break out or even rebound. With that, here are three Vegas superstars that fans can say are "so prestigious" after the 2024-25 season.

Ivan Barbashev

Ivan Barbashev didn't have the most exciting season for the Vegas Golden Knights in 2023-24. Playing on the top line with Jack Eichel and other stars like Jonathan Marchessault yielded him only 19 goals and 26 assists. It's a nice achievement for that season. However, the Russian forward can do much more for the Golden Knights in 2024-25.

2021-22 is a shining example of what Barbashev can do. He scored 26 goals and 34 assists with the St. Louis Blues that season, making him an important offensive piece. Although he's becoming more physical (180 hits last season compared to 160 in 2021-22), he's at a prime age to reach those numbers again at 28 years of age.

That's especially true with his best season coming at a younger age. If he can achieve that stat line in his mid-20s, imagine what he can do with some more experience under his belt. But don't expect to see Ivan Barbashev clap his hands to the beat. He's the type of guy who likes going on the breakaway to score incredible goals. If he can combine his physicality with his offensive capabilities, he'll be what Vegas was seeking in 2023 after being traded from the Blues.