3 pending free agents the Vegas Golden Knights should avoid in NHL free agency

While there are some intriguing free agency options for the Vegas Golden Knights, there are some options that aren't as attractive.
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3. Vladimir Tarasenko

Originally, Vladimir Tarasenko was linked to the Vegas Golden Knights, given his offensive talents. He had an incredible shot and could handle the puck easily, fooling any incoming defenders. However, it seems that the Russian forward might not be as good of a fit as one would think.

For one, Tarasenko rarely blocks shots, with his career-high coming in 2021-22 (45). The Panthers winger also doesn't get physical much, with his career-high coming in 2017-2018 (89). If the Golden Knights wanted to seek a cheaper alternative, Tarasenko would be a hard maybe, given that he's an exciting playmaker.

However, his injury history is also a concern, with various upper-body injuries plaguing the star forward. The Golden Knights have been hit hard by injuries in the past three seasons, losing players such as Mark Stone, Jack Eichel, and William Karlsson for some time. How does it make sense to add another injury-prone player when he won't see the ice?

It's not to say that Vladimir Tarasenko is a bad player. He's excellent offensively and can still produce at a nice clip. However, the Vegas Golden Knights are trying to move away from older players and injury-prone skaters. It would end up being a bad gamble that backfires on Vegas tremendously.