3 pending free agents the Vegas Golden Knights should avoid in NHL free agency

While there are some intriguing free agency options for the Vegas Golden Knights, there are some options that aren't as attractive.
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2. Adam Henrique

Currently, Adam Henrique is on a Stanley Cup playoff run with the Edmonton Oilers. The forward was originally acquired from the Anaheim Ducks, adding more depth to the Oilers's overall scoring. After all, a contending hockey team can't just rely on Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl to carry the load.

Henrique has been decent for the Oilers, scoring six goals and three assists in 22 games with Edmonton. He also has a shooting percentage of 20.7 in Edmonton, making him a dangerous shot. There are plenty of reasons to believe he'd be a great addition. However, some aspects would also make Henrique a liability in Vegas.

For one, he's not solid enough defensively. The Vegas Golden Knights pride themselves on blocking shots and taking shooting lanes away. The Oilers forward isn't big enough to fit in that aspect, standing at 6'0" and weighing 195 lbs. Therefore, he'd have to solely rely on his offensive prowess to impact the team. The Golden Knights are looking to retain a key winger for the role, so Henrique's services wouldn't be necessary.

That's proven by the 34-year-old producing a career-high in blocked shots this season (78). His career-high in hits is 99 (coming this season), which shows his lack of size would make him a defensive liability. There are two ways to become efficient on the Golden Knights defensively. One, block shots and play a 200-ft. game. Two, get physical and rough up some people. Henrique does neither, which would indicate he's not a good fit in Vegas.