3 other Golden Knights that need a dog for the Stanley Pup

The Stanley Pup is perhaps the most adorable event created in the NHL universe. Here are three other Golden Knights that need a dog for the competition.
2023 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five
2023 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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The NHL isn't known for being the most astute regarding its marketing towards its star players. However, they scored a goal with the Stanley Pup, a fun competition where dogs represent certain NHL superstars. The NHL partnered with various organizations, including Petco Love, to find adoptable rescue dogs a new home. Think of it as the Puppy Bowl, only with a hockey atmosphere. With the start of the Stanley Cup Final happening in the same week, why not have some adorable canine buddies duking it out for supremacy?

What's more, the Vegas Golden Knights had a representative. Mark Bone, a.k.a. Tippy Velvet, was named in honor of Vegas captain Mark Stone and is a part of the first-ever competition. Mark Bone is a 12-week-old mixed breed from Brandywine Valley SPCA who represented the West. Look at how adorable the little guy is!

Now that's a perfect dog. He looks like a great fit in any home, bringing joy to any family who adopts the friendly canine. In a time where pets need plenty of love, Mark Bone looks like he could be more than "man's best friend," for the little guy can be anybody's best friend.

But back to the competition, which featured dogs named after other big names in the NHL. That includes Quinn Hughes ("Quinn Chews"), David Pastrnak ("David Pupstrnak"), and Joe Pavelski ("Joe Pawvelski"). Who wouldn't want a lineup as cute and cuddly as these tiny canines?

Mark Stone is the trailblazer for the Vegas Golden Knights in this adorable competition. However, there should be more love from the organization in this event, specifically with different representatives. Here are three more Golden Knights who need a little pup named in their honor for the... Stanley Pup.

Jack Eichel, a.k.a. "Jack Russell Eichel"

This one is an easy pick. Everyone recognizes Jack Eichel as a part of the Vegas Golden Knights. That's why he's a part of the Amazon docu-series which features other superstars like William Nylander and Connor McDavid. He and Mark Stone are two of the more famous talents on the team, with the superstar leaving everyone stunned by his excellent play.

Another plus to having a pup named after Jack Eichel is the name itself. All you need to do is add "Russell" to the name. That's it. Get a Jack Russell Terrier for the player and everything's set. Jack "Russell" Eichel is the next big hit at the Stanley Pup, with thousands of loving families looking to adopt the little canine.

Name recognition earns a superstar athlete numerous opportunities. That leads to endorsement deals, being featured on the cover of the NHL video game series from EA Sports, and more. Most of all, it earns players the chance to have a cute dog named after them. Eichel deserves this honor in the future, especially as one of the faces of the Golden Knights.