3 other Golden Knights that need a docu-series

Jack Eichel is set to star in a new docu-series on Amazon. Here are three Vegas Golden Knights who should also have their own series.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Alec Martinez

Now, you're probably wondering why the defenseman was chosen. Why pick Alec Martinez for a docu-series when there are others, such as Marchessault and Mark Stone? Here's the thing. Those are easy picks for Amazon to do, for people want to see what's happening with those players. Plus, they're in demand with the fanbase, making them obvious picks.

However, there's plenty to uncover about Martinez, such as his hockey journey growing up. Here, he can talk about growing up in Michigan before making a brief stop in Fremont, California. That would include his time with the Santa Clara Blackhawks and San Jose Jr. Sharks, which covers his youth hockey experience. There are also questions about his Cup-clinching goal in the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. But that wouldn't be the main reason for picking the defenseman to partake in the docu-series.

Another unique aspect about Alec Martinez is he's an avid Detroit Lions fan. Growing up in Rochester Hills, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit), fans can hear about the pain and misery suffered by the three-time Stanley Cup champion and his favorite football team. They can also get a first-hand experience of Martinez watching the NFC Championship between the Lions and San Francisco 49ers.