3 Golden Knights that shouldn't be traded

With endless speculation going on in the offseason, here are three Vegas Golden Knights that shouldn't be traded.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Three
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Three / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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Nicolas Roy

Anthony Mantha was brought into the Vegas Golden Knights organization to do the same job Nicolas Roy did, only better. The former first-round pick was supposed to fix the power play unit, making them into an offensive juggernaut. The hype around the trade was strong and fans were on board.

However, Mantha didn't pan out, with the pending free agent told he won't be returning to Vegas next season. Only scoring one power play assist in 18 games doesn't do the job on this team. Now, there's a need for Roy to regain some power play minutes and be a good center on the lower lines.

There should be plenty of reasons why the 27-year-old stays, too. He had a productive season with the Golden Knights, scoring 28 assists (seven more than Mantha this season) and 41 points in 70 games. That includes six assists on the power play, where he's growing into a key contributor. He also had 17 primary assists, meaning he's creating plays and dictating the offensive attack well.

He's also a solid shooter, with his expected goals staying about 15 the past three seasons. He was expected to score 0.97 goals per 60 minutes this season, which is also a promising development for the budding star. While Roy will be a cap hit of $3 million over the next three seasons without a no-trade clause, there should be an incentive to keep him.