3 Golden Knights that shouldn't be traded

With endless speculation going on in the offseason, here are three Vegas Golden Knights that shouldn't be traded.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Three
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Three / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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Trade speculation is a major part of the sports realm. Potential pieces are viewed on respective teams with outgoing players, picks, and prospects. It's a part of what makes the sports news cycle go around. This season, the Vegas Golden Knights have plenty of names in the mix, with players like William Karlsson being mentioned.

Of course, speculations like these tend to fall on the ludicrous side. Sometimes, these trade proposals miss, with the audience calling the person out for their take (hello, that's happened here). Sometimes, it's trading a specific player that doesn't make sense. Such things are mind-numbing for fans to digest, leaving them wondering where they got these ideas.

People turn to names such as Shea Theodore and Logan Thompson. These players have other factors playing into being trade targets, including being in the last year of their respective deals next season. There's also the surplus factor, whether on the blue line or in the net. So let's see which Vegas Golden Knights stars should be considered off-limits. Fans will appreciate seeing these players stay around, specifically since their impacts greatly impact the organization.

Three names on the Golden Knights shouldn't leave Las Vegas. These players bring too much to the table and are vital to the franchise winning another Stanley Cup. Therefore, general manager Kelly McCrimmon should refrain from giving the following players away to different teams.

William Karlsson

William Karlsson had his name thrown into the trade speculation during the summertime. The Swedish forward has dealt with injuries during his Vegas Golden Knights career and is in his 30s. However, there are plenty of reasons why Vegas shouldn't go anywhere.

One reason is he has a cap hit of $5.9 million over the next three seasons. That includes a 10-team no-trade list that impacts where he goes. Karlsson holds some of the cards in trade discussions, giving him power in his potential next destination. That will make matters tough regarding the "Golden Misfit" leaving town.

He also serves a purpose in more ways than one. He's a terrific penalty killer who can even score short-handed. The center has scored 12 short-handed goals during his Vegas tenure thanks to his ability to take away the puck (365 takeaways in seven seasons with the Golden Knights). He's also good on the power play, scoring seven power play goals this season.

Often, people forget the impact that William Karlsson has on the Vegas Golden Knights. He's a good offensive player who does great on special teams. He might not be the most lucrative star in Vegas. However, losing him hurts the team in their current contention window.