3 Golden Knights that could be traded

After discussing three potential Golden Knight free agents that won't return, let's look at the players who could be traded.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
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3. One of the starting goaltenders

Perhaps one of the more pressing topics that aren't being talked about is the goaltender situation. With both Adin Hill and Logan Thompson in the last year of their current deals next season, there could be a possibility that one of these goalies will shipped off during the offseason.

One noteworthy item is that Hill is owed $4.9 million for next season. While he does have a modified no-trade clause in his contract, there might be consideration for him to be moved. The Vegas Golden Knights need to make cap space, which means drastic measures might be taken.

As for Logan Thompson, he's been subjected to such rumors since the end of last season. Thompson getting pulled from the starting goaltender position in favor of Hill in this year's playoffs does no favors. Therefore, he'll be a name to watch during the offseason.

The Golden Knights have plenty of younger options at goaltender, starting with Carl Lindbom. With Vegas's goalie depth in the minors, they can work out something and get their prospect in for some backup reps. It shouldn't be expected that either Hill or Thompson will be moved. However, crazier things have happened regarding the Vegas Golden Knights front office.