3 Golden Knights Prospects That Should Be Future Playoff Starters

Let's look into the future and predict which Golden Knights prospects are starting in the playoffs.
Vegas Golden Knights v Arizona Coyotes
Vegas Golden Knights v Arizona Coyotes / Zac BonDurant/GettyImages
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There was plenty of fuss made about Pavel Dorofeyev not making the Vegas Golden Knights playoff roster. The Russian winger has grown as a player, helping the offense in more ways than one. Still, his omission from the roster left some fans befuddled.

"Why isn't Dorofeyev on the roster? He's earned his keep!"

While the debate has gone on for a few days, there's another idea to consider. Which Golden Knights prospects can break the playoff roster in the future? These young guns have the potential to help the team move forward. Whether they're budding forwards or defensive stalwarts, these three prospects deserve some love.