3 best play-by-play teams in the NHL (and why Dave Goucher is part of one)

Sports broadcasting is essential to the sports viewing experience, bringing life to the game. Who are the three best teams in NHL broadcasting today?
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Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti, New York Rangers

Many older hockey fans will remember Sam Rosen from his NHL on Fox days, where he was a regular play-by-play commentator. The New York Rangers sportscaster also does commentary for the NFL on Fox, often paired with Charles Davis for Sunday games. However, he's mainly on the air in the Big Apple with Joe Micheletti, where he can usually be found at Madison Square Garden.

You can hear Rosen and Micheletti bring an Igor Shesterkin save to life as if he were on the football field. It feels like Rangers fans are watching the big hockey game on FOX. The nostalgia is strong during these games, where the duo brings the production value to new levels.

It's no wonder Sam Rosen is revered in the business. He's earned numerous accolades, including being inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Yes, he might be ridiculed for the occasional mishap. But the legendary announcer makes Ranger games sound like they should be accompanied by this theme.