Golden Knights Trading For Filip Forsberg Would Make Sense

Filip Forsberg. Future Golden Knights forward? (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Filip Forsberg. Future Golden Knights forward? (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /
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The Vegas Golden Knights are in a tough spot given their cap situation. We’ve talked about that for the last three months, and will more than likely continue talking about it until the off-season. However, there could be a bright side to this.

The Golden Knights need to get rid of some cap space, but they are also in win-now mode. Max Pacioretty returned to the lineup Sunday night against the Ottawa Senators, but he has been battling injuries for a period of time. Right alongside Pacioretty is captain, Mark Stone.

Now, if I’m the Golden Knights and I know that I’m all in on this season before getting busy in the off-season, then I’m going to make sure first of all, my team is healthy going into the playoffs. Secondly, I’m making sure that the team that I’ve assembled is worth the loop-hole in the cap.

That’s where it makes sense hitting the trade deadline hard and making a move that is going to put the Knights, the team to beat. Furthermore, that’s where is makes sense to try and acquire Filip Forsberg from the Nashville Predators.

The Vegas Golden Knights are clearly in win-now mode, but that hasn’t come easily. Nor it is going to get any easier. Can the Knights win with the team they have now? Or should they acquire another star?

Filip Forsberg is likely a consensus top 15 left wing in hockey. That shouldn’t be considered bad because it’s actually quite a misleading stat. Being listed as a top 15 left wing in hockey is actually really good.

Think about it this way- there are 32 teams in hockey, there are also generally four lines. So doing the math, Forsberg is likely ranked 15/128. Therefore, being 15th at his respected position s a very good.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking how the Golden Knights can make this work, and it’s actually pretty easy.