Jack Eichel is Back to Game-Form After Scoring First Golden Knights Goal

Jack Eichel for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Jack Eichel for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights are coming off a great 4-1 win last night against the San Jose Sharks. In that game, there were a lot of good takeaways and things we could talk about, but we definitely need to talk about Jack Eichel.

Jack Eichel underwent a procedure in November that sidelined him for the better part of three months. However, that’s not the best part of the story.

That surgery that Eichel wanted to receive was called an artificial disc replacement surgery. No player in the NHL had ever received it, therefore, this was uncharted territory. Then, after not playing in a single game in almost 384 days, he finally got to get back on the ice.

Then only four days later, which is only two games worth of play, he’s started to find his stride with the Golden Knights. By that I mean, Jack Eichel is officially on the goal log after recording a goal against the Sharks last night.

Not only did Jack Eichel get a goal last night, but he also picked up his second assist in as many games to Max Pacioretty. Which puts him as a point per game player through his first three games this season.

That’s not exactly a large sample size, but it’s promising. It shows he’s getting comfortable with his line-mates and starting to find a rhythm again.

After the game Eichel had a press conference and there are some questions and answers I’d like to throw in here if you don’t mind;

Jack Eichel’s Golden Knights Press Conference

Question: Now that you got the monkey off your back with your first point and first goal, what areas are you looking to hone in on now?

Answer: Just attacking more. I think that as you get more comfortable, your hands, your feet, your timing, it all starts coming back. You know, those little plays that maybe your bobbling now, or that your not connecting on, that it all starts coming. That’s when you really start piling up chances as a line and we got Stephenson and Pacioretty, I thought we did a good job creating some chances on the rush and creating a little bit in the zones.

Question: After all that you have been through over the last year, how much does this goal mean to you?

Answer: Obviously, it’s been a long time since I scored a goal. So it’s a good feeling. It’s part of my game so you want to try and chip in offensively. So it was good to help contribute tonight.

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Eichel and the entire Vegas Golden Knights fan base couldn’t be more happy for Eichel to notch a goal in the Golden Knights win yesterday. Hopefully, that’s the first of many in a long career as a Golden Knight.