Can the Knights Stop Nick Suzuki’s Revenge Game?

Nick Suzuki for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
Nick Suzuki for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** /
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The Vegas Golden Knights have made multiple big moves since becoming a official NHL team in 2017. The aggressive approach that the front office has to get superstars is what allows the Knights to be contenders for the Stanley Cup. What moves have they made you may ask? Well, the Knights have traded for superstars: Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, and Max Pacioretty.

When you look at the trades they have made, there is one thing you may notice about them. First, the Knights generally seem to make out pretty well in the trades. Second, they make out well in the trades because they trade away their picks and prospects. Why am I mentioning it? Well because tonight the Knights will be facing a revenge game.

The Vegas Golden Knights traded away former first-round pick Nick Suzuki in order to acquire superstar winger, Max Pacioretty. Tonight, the Knights will get to face Suzuki without Pacioretty in the line-up which means this is Suzuki’s chance for revenge. Do the Knights have enough to hold off the revenge game from Suzuki?

The Vegas Golden Knights next game is tonight against the Montreal Canadiens. Looking back to last season, the fact that the Canadiens are as bad as they’ve been would be surprising. After winning their division and getting to the Stanley Cup last year, they’ve really, really, taken a step back. However, tonight, they will be taking on our own Vegas Golden Knights and they have a secret weapon.

The world finds a balance, well in this case- when someone trades a player and/or pick, they have to receive something back. So, when the Vegas Golden Knights traded for Max Pacioretty, the Canadiens received former first round pick, Nick Suzuki. And tonight, Suzuki will be looking to get even more revenge on the Knights. So, how can the Knights look to stop the Canadiens?