Marc-Andre Fleury Returns to T-Mobile Stadium

Marc-Andre Fleury for the Vegas Golden Knights (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Marc-Andre Fleury for the Vegas Golden Knights (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Marc-Andre Fleury is returning to T-Mobile Stadium tonight for the first time since being traded away this off-season. Fleury, who is undoubtedly a hall of famer, was a huge part of bringing hockey to Vegas and was the corner-stone to making the Vegas Golden Knights a team to fear around the league.

Marc-Andre Fleury was one of the most beloved original Golden Knight players, and still is. In words of every Vegas Golden Knights fan: Once a Knight, always a Knight. And that thought led to a very emotional welcome home.

The Vegas Golden Knights selected Marc-Andre Fleury in 2017 during their extension draft. That draft pick not only helped give the Knights a goalie, but gave them a face of their franchise. He helped this team turn into something great, and we owe it all to Fleury.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s return to T-Mobile Stadium was something that brought fans from all over to watch him play. What Fleury did not just for the organization but the community, and the fans- he was everything. Unfortunately, the Knights had some cap troubles this off-season which led to them having to trade away a goalie.

The decision between trading either Robin Lehner or Marc-Andre Fleury was probably a long lasting discussion behind closed doors. After a long discussion, the Vegas Golden Knights organization decided to trade away Fleury.

Yesterday night, Marc-Andre Fleury received long applauses, a trip down memory lane, and standing ovations that left him in tears. Which, can you blame him? Vegas welcomed him back with open arms and I’m sure it was emotional for him.

It was said that during the game, the video they showed left him with tears running down his face. Given the fact that it was during the game, I’m sure it was hard for him. However, he persevered and played a great game.