The Top 5 Vegas Golden Knights Goals This Season

Vegas Golden Knights Stadium. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Vegas Golden Knights Stadium. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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Jonathan Marchessault Get’s His 100th Goal as a Vegas Golden Knight

Milestone Alert! How about that? One of the misfits got his 100th goal as a Vegas Golden Knight. And before you ask, yes this deserves to be number one.

Jonathan Marchessault has arguably been one of the best offensive players for the Vegas Golden Knights this season. Additionally, I feel that if he isn’t first he has to be number two because he’s played amazing this season despite everything he’s had to adjust to.

In this game against the Vancouver Canucks, it was Mark Stone’s first game back so all eyes were on Stone. Furthermore, by the end of the game, more eyes were on Jonathan Marchessault.

It was the third period with 12 minutes on the clock and the Vegas Golden Knights were tied with the Vancouver Canucks. The Knights knew that they needed to find a way to win, and that meant putting the puck on the hot stick of Marchessault- that is exactly what they did.

The Knights being on the power play had a lot of offensive puck control and were rotating the puck well. Pietrangelo, who was sitting at the blue line received the puck and laid it out to Marchessault on the wing. He moved the puck to his forehand and let it rip to give the Knights the 5-4 lead with 11:36 left in the third.

What a great moment for the Vegas Golden Knights and Jonathan Marchessault.