Another Return for the Golden Knights

Michael Amadio for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Michael Amadio for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights, who started the season as one of the most injury prone teams in the National Hockey League, has started to see some positive turnaround. After Mark Stone returned to the lineup for the Knights, there has been a plethora of Knights who’ve returned. With that, the Knights were able to get another player back yesterday against the Anaheim Ducks.

Last week the Vegas Golden Knights played against the Edmonton Oilers in which they were able to get winger, Jonathan Marchessault back. Marchessault was placed on the COVID-19 list by the Vegas Golden Knights on November 13th. After missing only roughly 10 days, and five games while out with Covid.

After Jonathan Marchessault returned to lineup for the Vegas Golden Knights, they were looking to get another player back that they lost. This other player they were hoping could return for them ended up finding himself in the lineup yesterday. His name: Michael Amadio.

Michael Amadio was picked-up by the Vegas Golden Knights after placed on waivers by the Toronto Maple Leafs. In his first game with the Knights, it was actually against his former team which was kind of ironic. However, that’s not what we are here to talk about. Were here to talk about his return to the ice and how he fared against the Ducks.

Michael Amadio’s Return for the Vegas Golden Knights

Since the Vegas Golden Knights were able to get Mark Stone back against the Seattle Kraken, each player who’s returned has seemed to do pretty well. Maybe it’s the world finding the balance. You know, they take away our team so in return we receive production? I’m not sure. Seems that way though. So how did Amadio fare? We’ll let’s talk about it.

In the first period, Michael Amadio started the game off as one of the best offensive players on the ice. While creating multiple opportunities in the offensive zone, he was also finding open lanes to put some shots on goal. That is why the Knights brought him in-find a way to create offense even when some of their stars are out. Now, reflecting on his second period.

This is where it get’s fun because as I stated above, the Vegas Golden Knights have a balance. After going down 2-0 in  the second period, the Knights needed to find a way to score somehow-someway. Robin Lehner rebounded the puck to Michael Amadio. Amadio knew he had to do something and something he did. He found William Carrier to create a Vegas Golden Knights breakaway. That breakaway led to the Knights first goal on the night. Now, onto the third and final period.

During the third period, well, there wasn’t much happening for Amadio. He was almost a non-factor out there for the Vegas Golden Knights which was okay because many other stepped up. Nonetheless, Amadio’s presence out there would’ve been nice. However, it wasn’t his period. We saw a lot of the top line players in the third period as they were trying to find their way back into the game.

In conclusion, Michael Amadio was actually very nice to have back given what he was able to do for the Vegas Golden Knights despite the loss. But, what Amadio is asked to do is create offense and play a strong, high pressure game and that’s what he accomplished on the ice. Hopefully, he can grow off this performance.