Takeaways from Vegas Golden Knights vs Nashville Predators

The Vegas Golden Knights first-line. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The Vegas Golden Knights first-line. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights just wrapped up their road game against the Nashville Predators. After getting blown out in a 5-2 loss against the St. Louis Blues Monday night, the Knights were looking to redeem themselves. Which I can say, they did.

The Vegas Golden Knights are a very hard team to play against, and have continued to play some great hockey over the course of the last month. While playing some of their best hockey, it should be noted that they were doing that without Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty and many others. However, tonight they were truly able to feel the presence of that first-line we’re so used to seeing.

The Vegas Golden Knights just got their first win against the Nashville Predators on the season. The Knights not only got the win, but they were able to get their top scorer, Max Pacioretty back. However, how did the game go? Well let’s get into the takeaways of the game.

The First-Line is Back

The Vegas Golden Knights have been without both Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty for quite some time that has left them grasping for straws. After working the past month trying to create a form of consistency on the lines, it doesn’t matter as much now.

After Mark Stone and Max Pacioretty went down against the Los Angeles Kings, they were both in the lineup tonight. The line that was projected to be one of the best in hockey in terms of production, were finally reunited yesterday night against the Nashville Predators.

The line of Max Pacioretty, Mark Stone, and Chandler Stephenson were really a huge part to the win against the Predators. Now that statement goes for more ways than one.

Chandler Stephenson was able to get on the board to put the Vegas Golden Knights up 1-0 in the first period of the game.

That goal by Stephenson was his seventh goal of the season which is incredible but can you guess who the assist was by? Mark Stone. Which because I’m talking numbers that was in fact Stone’s seventh assists of the season.

Now let’s go into the third period. In the third period the Vegas Golden Knights were on a penalty kill in which Chandler Stephenson forced a turnover in their defensive zone that led to a two on one breakaway. Stephenson was on the left wing heading up the ice in transition before laying off the puck to Alex Pietrangelo for the short-handed goal.

That assist by Chandler Stephenson was his 12th of the season. Not to mention how the play started showed incredible defensive positioning and awareness by him. That goal put the Vegas Golden Knights up 4-1.

Now fast forwarding a to the end of the third period, the Nashville Predators went with the empty net attempt against the Vegas Golden Knights in which Max Pacioretty received the pass in the neutral zone. While he could’ve turned around and shot the puck towards the empty netter. Instead he passed the puck of to Mark Stone to notch his first goal of the season.

The Vegas Golden Knights first-line showed exactly why they are dangerous but what the story doesn’t tell is just how much they controlled the speed of the game. Instead of rushing the breakouts or making forced passes, they would make sure whatever decision they were going to do was the right move.

Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks, who is in fact the newest Knight, actually had a very strong performance yesterday against the Predators. When you get moved to a  new organization, it’s hard to really get a feel for the role that you will be asked to do. That’s part of the reason why players may take a little bit to really come into their own in their new organization. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case for Brooks.

Alongside notching his first goal as a Knight, he showed impressive forechecking, defensive positioning, good puck control along the boards, and made some very good passes with the puck. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, I wasn’t thrilled with the Vegas Golden Knights when they claimed him off waivers, but I was wrong. If he can continue to play like he did yesterday, he will be a absolute asset moving forward.