Vegas Golden Knights: The Knights are a Comeback Powerhouse

The Vegas Golden Knights gather after Alex Pietrangelo's goal. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The Vegas Golden Knights gather after Alex Pietrangelo's goal. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights are going to become a incredibly dangerous team. The Knights are one of the few teams that no matter what situation you put them in, you can never quite count them out.

Now, with that statement comes some annoyance and frustration. However, no matter what you go through or feel to start the game, by the end of the game, you’ll leave happy. That seems to be the Vegas Golden Knights modo after last came, and it appears to be true tonight.

The Vegas Golden Knights seem to be coming into their own after a rough stretch to start the season. Now, the team that we see on the ice, this is the team that everyone expected to see out there. Hopefully this is the team we’ll continue seeing, but more importantly, hopefully they can finish in the third.

The Vegas Golden Knights faced pacific division rival, the Vancouver Canucks, this past Thursday night. After a very rough start to the game that left the Knights trailing going into the second, somehow they found a way to comeback.

Whenever you go down 2-0 to start the game, it takes a toll on the mind. Being able to concentrate on bouncing back was two goals harder to do for the Knights. On top of that, you’re expected to just let those goals go and perform to you’re absolute best. For most teams, and most players, it’s hard. Apparently not for the Vegas Golden Knights.

As I stated previously, the Vegas Golden Knights trailed the Vancouver Canucks going into the second period before making a terrific comeback. That comeback that started 0-2, and ended up a 7-4 win against the Canucks, it proves how dangerous this team can be.

What’s crazy is that most teams want the lead to start the game. It makes the game easier and there isn’t as much pressure on you’re back to perform. Then there’s also the factor that even if you give up a goal, you still have the lead. With that Vegas Golden Knights–it’s different.

For some reason when it comes to the Vegas Golden Knights, they seem to play better when coming from behind. Maybe it’s because the pressure on them to perform gives them the edge? Maybe because they know they are better than what they are showing so they get mad? It’s unclear. All we do know is that this team is a comeback powerhouse that you can’t count out.

Similarly to the Vegas Golden Knights taking the win out of the Canucks hands on Thursday night, the Carolina Hurricanes game is no different. The Hurricanes were able to finish the first period with the lead and the Knights came back and tied them in the second.

The game is currently tied 2-2 going into the third period. However, if history has anything to say about how this third period plays out. We should be happy with how this is going to end.