Reflecting on the Vegas Golden Knights Road-trip: The Good and The Bad

The Vegas Golden Knights goalie, Robin Lehner, getting ready for action. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The Vegas Golden Knights goalie, Robin Lehner, getting ready for action. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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The Bad

The Power Play

The Vegas Golden Knights have had one of the worst power play units I’ve ever witnessed. I mean seriously, it’s historically bad I’m sure. If you take away the two power play goals they had against the Montreal Canadiens, the Vegas Golden Knights haven’t scored any.

Given the fact that the Vegas Golden Knights offense is one of the best in the league with them having very good forwards and with offensive defenseman, their power play should be better-But; it’s not.

The Vegas Golden Knights have built a roster that seems like it should be a power play powerhouse, but they aren’t. They can’t even seem to put up good looks or get more than a shot or two against the opposition. The fact that they have favorable situations that fans are now crying for them not to get, it’s embarrassing.

If the Vegas Golden Knights could find a way to get a sniper at the trade deadline, it would help immensely, but for right now, there power play units are going to hold them back from becoming the team they once were last season.

Laurent Brossoit

Robin Lehner has been fantastic, Laurent Brossoit on the other hand has been, well I’m not sure what to make of him. After a terrific outing against the Dallas Stars to help lead them and get the win. It looked like the Vegas Golden Knights were going to have their backup goalie this season they could entrust to take some pressure of Robin Lehner.

The problem then comes into play when you take a look at his second performance on the road trip. After a huge win against the Dallas Stars, Brossoit got the chance to show the Vegas Golden Knights he was legit against the Detroit Red Wings. He didn’t exactly live up to that expectation.

Brossoit who played the final game of the Vegas Golden Knights road stretch, allowed four goals on 29 shots. If you were curious, that is a .862 save percentage which doesn’t exactly scream “great job”. So now the question that need’s to be asked: Is he reliable enough to give him multiple starts?