Vegas Golden Knights: Things Are Trending in the Right Direction for the Knights

Vegas Golden Knights winger, Mark Stone, taking the wrist shot. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Vegas Golden Knights winger, Mark Stone, taking the wrist shot. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights have been incredibly unlucky so far this season with injuries, that goes without saying. Unfortunately, those injuries have left their team weak and struggling to create a form of consistency. Now, there are multiple reasons that the Knights have struggled, but injuries have to be at the top of the list.

Every team has to face injuries at some point during the season, but facing them as early on as the Vegas Golden Knights had to, it’s unfortunate. That’s where training camp and pre-season come into play.

When it comes to training camp and pre-season there is always going to be one thing you can count on; you are going to see the best of the prospects. With names like Daniil Miromanov, Jake Leschyshyn, Jack Dugan, and Paul Cotter, this is there chance to show the coaches what they can do. In order to do that it means making the most of every opportunity they get.

It’s reasons like what is happening with the Vegas Golden Knights now that makes pre-season and training camp so important. You never know when your chance will come and that’s why you have to show the coaches everything you have. If you make a good impression, you are more likely to get the call than someone who doesn’t give it everything they have. It’s as simple as that. But the opportunities for prospects may be getting a little slim.

The Vegas Golden Knights have lost multiple people through their first couple games of the season. However, prior to the game against the Seattle Kraken, things may be looking up for the Knights.

During morning skate ahead of tonight’s game against the Seattle Kraken, the Vegas Golden Knights had a nice surprise for the fans. After coming out in the second game of the season against the Los Angeles Kings, Mark Stone is officially back on the ice with the team.

It was reported after they got home from the first part of the Vegas Golden Knights road trip that he was back on the ice, but now he is not only back on the ice but looking as though he is in mid-season form according to The Athletic’s, Jesse Granger.

As you can see above, Mark Stone is not only back on the ice, but is in a white shirt. Now he wasn’t exactly a huge part of the practice as he didn’t partake in any line rushes but, it’s still a step in the right direction. The Vegas Golden Knights haven’t exactly had the most morale on the ice or had the same dominance that they do when they have their captain out there with them. Which is what makes him such a good captain.

Mark Stone is easily one of the best wingers in hockey, and when you not just take away his talent from the team but his leadership on the ice and in the locker room, it can definitely bring the morale down.

After seeing Mark Stone come onto the ice, the media then went to talk to head coach, Pete DeBoer, about Stone and what this means as for his return:

"“I wouldn’t term him close to playing, but it’s a good first step.”,– Head Coach Pete DeBoer on Mark Stone"

Nonetheless, if Mark Stone is back on the ice, it’s a good sign for the Vegas Golden Knights. However it doesn’t end there. Shortly after Mark Stone appeared on the ice, center, Nolan Patrick made his first appearance since getting hurt.

Patrick went out with a upper-body injury by surprise and the Vegas Golden Knights haven’t hear or seen anything about him since. Well, until today that is.

Patrick was out on the ice with the Knights and this is what head coach, Pete DeBoer, stated that he is “trending in the right direction.” With that though, he couldn’t exactly give a time-frame for his return.

Given the amount of injuries the Vegas Golden Knights have endured. It’s nice to see Mark Stone and Nolan Patrick back out on the ice. It shows that they are close to returning and that alone should give the Knights a boost going forward.