Vegas Golden Knights: Takeaways Against the Detroit Red Wings

Chandler Stephenson with the puck for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
Chandler Stephenson with the puck for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights are now finally at .500 after an interesting start to their season. Still unsure what to make of this Knights team, at least we can say they are getting some wins this season. Although, this team is better than just hoping that they can remain at .500.

The Vegas Golden Knights have faced a ton of injuries this season which, lucky for some of their prospects, has given multiple people opportunities. Going into the season, their roster was completely stacked with talent from top to bottom regardless of position, lucky for the Knights they have a lot of depth to pull from.

Now, the Knights have still under-performed regardless of the adversity they’ve had to faced. But, things are looking up compared to where they were just last week.

After a long road stretch by the Vegas Golden Knights, they just finished up their road stretch with a loss against the Detroit Red Wings. After dissecting the game, there were multiple things that need to be talked about.

The Vegas Golden Knights just took on the Detroit Red Wings to conclude their long stretch on the road. After going out and getting two wins against the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens, they found themselves getting blown out by against the Detroit Red Wings.

There were a lot of things that should be talked about, but I found multiple key points that should be talked about. So with that, let’s get into those.

Power Play

It feels like these are starting to become repetitive, but they are also true. The Vegas Golden Knights have faced a lot of problems executing when given the power play, and I’m not sure why. The Knights are without a lot of key players, don’t get me wrong, but this is pathetic.

I mean it’s to the point now that you might as well just take two minutes off the clock and call it a day. The Knights power play has been so brutal that I’m not even sure if you can call it a power play. The might consider calling it play because they show no power. Yes, I understand that a cliché, and probably stupid of me to say, but you can’t deny how true it is.

Outside of the Montreal Canadiens game, the Knights have yet to score on the power play. I still am mind-blown that the Knights were able to get not just one, but two power play goals against the Canadiens. But they did.

Regardless, that was they did. They did not execute on any of their chances on the power play against any other team they’ve faced so far this season. I’m not sure if getting Stone, Pacioretty, or Eichel will transform the power play-but it wouldn’t hurt.

In the mean time-each time they don’t execute on the power play, they are putting themselves in a hole.

Penalty Kill

So I’m sure to you guys this seems a little bit repetitive, just like the power play-you’re right. However, there can’t be many people out there who think that the Vegas Golden Knights penalty kill was anything other than horrendous yesterday night.

There was no defensive awareness, they were able to set up plays using the back-door, slot or even taking open lane shot from the perimeter. It doesn’t matter who you are facing, if you give a professional team wide open looks, they will generally take them.

The Vegas Golden Knights had a horrible start on their penalty kill against the Detroit Red Wings, and it’s going to have to fixed heading forward. But they do get a little bit of a break when it comes to that.

The Knights have had a pretty good and respectable penalty kill this season, it was just a bad night. But, it was a bad night that resulted in a lot of grade-A chance looks for the Red Wings and will have to get fixed before their next game against the Seattle Kraken.