Vegas Golden Knights: Should They Trade for Vladimir Tarasenko?

Vladimir Tarasenko takes the shot against the Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Vladimir Tarasenko takes the shot against the Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Golden Knights season has started off very rough with injuries. It’s hard to really pinpoint which injury made the most difference, but regardless, the Knights have been lacking talent.

The Vegas Golden Knights have lacked scoring over the course of the last couple weeks, and it’s clear that something needs to give. Now it’s easy to say that everything we’re saying, and doing is an overreaction–which is fair. But, you need to win in order to get the playoffs. That’s just how it works. You don’t win you don’t get to the playoffs. And right now, this team isn’t winning.

The Vegas Golden Knights have struggled thus far into the season. Making a trade at the deadline, at this point, seems inevitable. With that, who should they target?

It was reported that Mark Stone is skating again, but there is still no official timetable for his return. Then you look at Max Pacioretty who was recently flexed to the long-term IR and will be out for at least a couple more weeks at the bare minimum. Then you look at William Karlsson who is out for 6-8 weeks, Nolan Patrick who’s injury hasn’t even been diagnosed, and then Alex Tuch who won’t return until January at the earliest.

Next, you have to look at the defenseman. The Vegas Golden Knights have struggled with finding a balance of when to play a defensive minded game and when to go on the attack. However, things would be a lot easier if the Knights had defenseman, Zach Whitecloud, in the lineup. Whitecloud gives the Knights a balance due to his stay-at-home play style that is unique in the Knights lineup.

So as I stated above, something needs to give in order to help turn this season into something that can be salvaged when they come back. In order to do that, they have to go out and find a way to obtain a guy who can bring some offense both in regulation play and on the power play.

As I stated in one of my previous articles, the Vegas Golden Knights power play has been one of the worst in the NHL the last two seasons. However, were talking about this season, so well keep it that way. The Knights power play units have gone 0/18 so far in the season which is the worst in the NHL. So they need to find someone who can contribute on the power play and is fairly cheap one way or the other.

What do I mean by that? I understand that might’ve been somewhat confusing what I stated, so I’ll further explain it.

The Vegas Golden Knights are currently pretty tight on cap space with only having roughly $5,000,000 available. It mean’s that they will have to find someone who doesn’t hold a large contract in order to keep them under the cap. Then you can look at it the other way.

The other way that I’m referring to is the idea of what the Knights would be getting in return. With the Knights looking to trade for someone who isn’t going to cost the Knights a big name prospect, pick, or player. That’s where this name I’m referring to comes into play.

Players the Knights Could Target at the Trade Deadline

The Vegas Golden Knights need to make some moves as I’ve stated to this point, but there hasn’t been many names mentioned other than, Jack Eichel. Now, don’t get me wrong, Eichel is a incredible talent and the Knights would be lucky if they could get him. However, after reports have came out about the trades they’ve been offered, he’s simply not worth it.

There are some other names that I think should be mentioned such as Tomas Hertl, and Filip Forsberg. Both of those names shouldn’t be discounted as names the Vegas Golden Knights could target at the trade deadline, but the name that isn’t mentioned much, but could help is: Vladimir Tarasenko.

Vladimir Tarasenko Makes A lot of sense for the Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights have had a hard time finding some players to fill in during Stone and Pacioretty’s absences. There get’s to be a point where you have to make something happen in order to try and turn things around-This is that time.

After a off-season filled with Tarasenko’s name after the St. Louis Blues asked to talk to team’s about him. Then, Tarasenko requested a trade to get out of the Blues organization. Next, Tarasenko spent the off-season realizing that his value isn’t anywhere close to what he thought he was worth. Now we are here.

Since coming to the realization that in order to get moved, he has to preform, he’s gone out of his way to do so. Now, it’s hard to figure out exactly what Tarasenko’s availability is at this point in the season given the Blues current success, but it’s worth talking to the Blues organization about.

Tarasenko is making $9,500,000 this season, but next season he’s only set to make $5,500,000. Now, next season is his contract year which needs to be taken into consideration by the Knights. However, Tarasenko is currently doing in St. Louis what the Knights are missing.

So far through eight games, Tarasenko has four goals and six assists with the Blues. Not to mention the fact that he’s seen success on the power play throughout his career. Even this season, he has three assists on the power play. Which, once again, the Knights have struggled majorly with.

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His offensive ability is a serious weapon, and this season, he is showing that he is still got it. There were a lot of questions about his healthy going into the season, but so far, he’s looking as though he is back to “Vintage Vladi”. If they can get the Vladi that’s been performing so far this season, they should definitely look to see what the Blues want for him.