Vegas Knights: Three Things I Noticed Against the Maple Leafs

The Vegas Golden Knights goalie, Robin Lehner, getting ready for action. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The Vegas Golden Knights goalie, Robin Lehner, getting ready for action. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Knights just got blown out in Toronto, 4-0. After a game that kept the Knights in the defensive zone, they were unable to capitalize or execute.

The Vegas Knights after losing four in a row showed hope in rejuvenating their season with three straight wins. Last night however, there was nothing good about the showing the Knights had when you look at the big picture. When you try to take good things away from the game, it makes it that much worse when you always end up saying the same thing over and over again. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and talk about some of the things I noticed.

Robin Lehner

It seems like quite literally every game, Robin Lehner is the only bright spot for the Knights. Time and time again the Knights lean on the back of Lehner to keep them in the game, and time and time again everyone drops the ball.

Robin Lehner throws the team on his back for pretty much the entirety of the game, and not only does it, he has kept them in the game in hopes of walking away with a win. The big problem with that though is Lehner can’t do everything but yet it seems like he’s the only one out there doing his job. The offense just hasn’t been scoring enough to keep them in the game and put the pressure on their goalie and defense. That’s when you look to the defense. When you do that, and see how they perform, it’s not much better than the offense.

Lehner has been playing remarkable this season regardless of the record, regardless of the stats, he has been the best player on the Knights with very little debate. I wish that the Knights actually executed off the chances he gives them, but they don’t.


There has been a problem this year within the forwards and having a level of consistency. Seems like they’ll go off and play incredibly well for a game or two, and then they can’t even get out of the defensive zone. When expecting to compete, there becomes a point that you have to take accountability and make some serious changes in order to try and find some level of consistency.

When playing against teams like the Maple Leafs, Oilers, Hurricanes, and the Blues, you can’t expect to win when they have the puck in their offensive zone all game. However, there’s also the games that they reverse those fortunes and we have the puck in our offensive zone all game. Those inconsistences will kill any chance they have at creating a winning season.

In order to win, you have to be able to create and complete passes, you have to be able to score a couple goals a game, you have to be able to play defense; The Vegas Knights did not do any of that against the Maple Leafs and it needs to get corrected.


The Knights are supposed to have one of the best top six defensive lineups in hockey. Well, clearly that is not the case this year. Now, you can argue they are without Zach Whitecloud which I do believe has played a huge factor, but you have to find a way around that. As a team that has competed since coming into the league, there is not an excuse good enough that can explain why Lehner has had to stop as many shots as he’s had to this season. The Knights defenseman need to step up. It’s as simple as that.