Mark Stone is Close to Returning for the Knights Road Stretch

Mark Stone for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Mark Stone for the Vegas Golden Knights. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Vegas Knights star winger, Mark Stone, left early in game two against the Kings. After 17 days, the Knights captain was spotted on the ice again.

The Vegas Knights have been without their captain and star winger, Mark Stone, since October 15th. After racking up three assists in game one against the Seattle Kraken, Stone left in the second period against the Los Angeles Kings. It was later reported that he was going to be heading to the IR for a period of time while he recovered. The injuries that have severely depleted the Knights team thus far into the season, seems to be trending in the better direction.

It was reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, David Schoen, that Mark Stone was on the ice skating after the Knights practice on Friday. It was reported by Pete DoBoer that Stone had a nagging injury prior to getting hurt. With that being said, and as I’m sure you can infer it wasn’t bad enough to keep him out of the game to start.

After Mark Stone went down with that injury, that was in fact a non-contact injury, he went to see additional doctors to get a determine the severity of the injury. After figuring out that he was in fact not going to need surgery, it was reported that the Knights had transitioned him onto the IR for the time being.

After Max Stone went down it seemed as though he started a trend. Shortly after Stone went down in the second period against the Kings his line-mate, Max Pacioretty, went down with a lower-body injury as well. Losing those two players in the same game in which you need them most, not very easy on the team’s morale and competitiveness.

Looking ahead and what it will mean for this team to get their captain back, it will make a huge impact. After losing Stone, the team obviously lost quite a bit of morale which resulted in a four-game losing streak. Anytime you are without your captain, it’s going to be a little bit challenging. However, the Knights are starting to get on a role and getting Stone back could definitely give this team the boost they need to keep it rolling.