The Knights Ability To Lean on Robin Lehner

The Vegas Knights traded away goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury, in the off-season. With that trade, they were giving Robin Lehner the chance to show the Knights what he can do, but just how reliable has he been?

The Vegas Golden Knights went into the off-season knowing that either Robin Lehner, or Marc-Andre Fleury, was going to get traded. After what I’d assume was a hefty and long discussion, they decided to trade hall of famer, Marc-Andre Fleury, to the Chicago Blackhawks. With that trade, it signified the trust the organization has in it’s present goalie, Robin Lehner.

Looking back to the date in which they traded Fleury, it had to be a confidence booster for Lehner. The spot in which he currently holds for the Knights belonged to a hall-of-fame goalie and just won the Vezina trophy last season. Now it’s his. If you reflect on what Fleury has accomplish this season compared to Lehner, Lehner has definitely won that battle. Now everyone will probably argue about the current situations that they are in, and that’s understandable. No matter what argument you may have, Lehner has done incredibly well so far. His performance shouldn’t be discredited just because he’s not on the struggling Blackhawks. He has earned that spot this season.

Being able to have a goalie that they can trust to keep them in games, and more so than that, be as respected as Lehner is by his teammates, it’s important. Having a bond, that everyone has each other’s back, it’s vital-especially down the road.

Looking back to last season in the playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning were able to lean on the back of Andrei Vasilevskiy. This season, Lehner has shown that he has the ability to be that same type of goalie. Even with all the injuries that the Knights have endured, the adversity they’ve had to overcome just to compete, and yet they’ve still found a way to win multiple games. Now, I will say that you can look at the fact that they were originally had a four-game losing streak but that doesn’t provide an accurate account to Lehner’s play. In fact, Lehner was the only reason we were even close in those games.

Robin Lehner so far this season has played out of his mind. I think people expected Lehner to do well, but what he’s been able to do for the Knights is more than anyone could predicted. Looking at some of his stats this season he currently is averaging 3.00 goals allowed per game, along with a saver percentage of .910. Obviously, that could be better, but not all goals were his fault. Lehner has made some unbelievable, mind-boggling, tremendous saves that I don’t think anyone actually expected him to make.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, if Robin Lehner can play as well as he has this season– When the Knights get healthy, they’ll be incredibly dangerous. Dependability is a huge thing for the goalie position, and Lehner has succeed and surpassed those expectations thus far into the season. He’ll be a huge asset down the road and it wouldn’t surprise me if he is the reason the Knights not just get into the playoffs, but make a run this year.