Vegas Golden Knights Should Not Throw A Parade If Team Loses Stanley Cup Final

Despite all of the success the Vegas Golden Knights have had in their inaugural season, having a parade would not be a good look for the expansion franchise.

We have had more than a day to digest what happened in game four of the Stanley Cup Final. We all know the story, the Vegas Golden Knights trail the Stanley Cup Final three games to one against the Washington Capitals. Golden Knights nation knows this team is not in a great spot, but this isn’t over yet.

If the Golden Knights were to come back and pull off the upset against the Capitals, it would be THE storybook ending to an unforgettable season. A parade on the Las Vegas strip would be pure insanity. But we have to face the reality of the situation sometimes.

A loss in the Stanley Cup Final would be deflating for this fanbase. No matter what, the fans are going to be proud of what this team accomplished in their first year of existence when everyone counted them out. Suffering a loss on the biggest stage of this sport will only make the fans at T-Mobile Arena stronger. However, throwing a parade during a losing season would be a joke.

There was talk during the week that Clark County was already planning the parade route for the Golden Knights. Commissioners were scheduled to vote Tuesday on a 3.5-mile-long parade route on the Strip between Sahara and Tropicana Avenues. Commission chairman Steve Sisolak put an end to the meeting when the team asked him to scrap the discussion.

The Golden Knights then issued the following statement:

The Vegas Golden Knights appreciate that the Clark County Department of Public Works is considering a parade in its honor. However, the team has not been involved in any planning discussions and will only begin doing so when appropriate. Upon learning that the subject of the parade was on the agenda, the Golden Knights requested that it be removed. The Team is grateful and appreciative of the enthusiasm of the community and hopes to revisit this subject.

This announcement raised a ton of eyebrows regarding about a possible parade if they lose.  Some people are entirely on board with a rally even if they are defeated by the Capitals. Although, I’m on the opposite end of this opinion.

I believe only championship winning teams should have a parade. A second-place parade sounds like kissing your sister, to be honest with you.  If they go ahead and do this after all of the great things they have done with this franchise, they would lose a lot of credibility around the league.

Think about it, do you think George McPhee and Gerard Gallant want to be waving to fans for being second place. Or do you really believe Marc-Andre Fleury and his teammates would want to be there if he’s not raising the Stanley Cup? There’s only one word to both of those answers: No.

I really don’t care if they’re the best expansion team ever to hit the ice. And I certainly don’t care if the Golden Knights are the Western Conference champions. Is that accomplishment a stepping stone or does it win you the Stanley Cup?

My point is if you’re celebrating being the second-best team, then this franchise has the wrong mindset. So please Golden Knights owner Bill Foley and president Kerry Bubolz, out of the respect of the players, coaching staff and the fans, please don’t hold a parade if they lose.

All in all, that’s where I stand on this situation. But we still have another game to play tomorrow night. Catch puck drop for game five of the Stanley Cup Final between the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights at 5 PM PT on NBC.