Vegas Golden Knights: NHL Fans Upset With Early Success

NHL fans all around the world are unhappy with the success of the Vegas Golden Knights.

When the Vegas Golden Knights held their expansion draft at the NHL Awards, many fans didn’t know what to expect. The team acquired a ton of entry draft picks for the future of this organization, which was the right move. However, they caught a ton of attention with some of the players they selected.

Many media members heavily scrutinized general manager George McPhee with some questionable picks. Almost all media outlets had this team pegged for last in the Pacific division. And now look where we are today.

The Vegas Golden Knights are four wins away from a Stanley Cup Championship. No one could’ve predicted this to possibly happen.  You would think that would intrigue a lot of NHL fans, but that hasn’t been the case at all.

NHL fans around the world are taking their frustrations to social media to vent about the Golden Knights success story. And it definitely started a conversation around the league. Many fans believe the Golden Knights got “favorable rules” in the expansion draft.

I want to counter this twitter users point. The Penguins had to part ways with Marc-Andre Fleury due to cap space. Yes, the rule states that you can only protect one goalie. However, the Penguins also gave the Golden Knights a second-round draft pick. The Penguins were worried about Vegas possibly picking another player off their roster. They made sure the Golden Knights would take Fleury by sweetening the deal and throwing in a second round pick.

Here’s my take on this matter: I sense a lot of jealous amongst NHL fans around the world. Not every team is given a chance to start from scratch, given brand new players and go all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Even this poll by Sportsnet 650 proves it.

Remember folks, YOUR team didn’t want to to keep players like Jonathan Marchessault and Reilly Smith for a measly fourth-round draft pick. YOUR team decided to let go of both Alex Tuch and Erik Haula for a third-round draft pick. YOUR team gave up on William Karlsson, AND a first-round pick because you wanted to keep Josh Anderson most likely.

I really don’t mean to pick on the Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, and Columbus Blue Jackets. But those are prime examples of what the Golden Knights did right in the expansion draft. It’s not the Vegas Golden Knights or the NHL’s fault that the Golden Knights are a great team, it’s YOUR teams’ fault.

If anyone is to blame for this so-called “travesty,” it’s 75% of the NHL general managers around the league. These GM’s didn’t want these players, and many people called these guys as the castaways and misfits of the NHL. Furthermore, that’s how the Golden Misfits nickname was born.

We have to give credit where is due, however. The man that was in charge of the hiring of Gerard Gallant was George McPhee. McPhee was also the one that put this entire roster together along with his sidekick assistant general manager Kelly McCrimmon. From there the players took over, did their job, and here we are four wins away from a championship.

All in all, if fans have a problem with the Vegas Golden Knights success, maybe their team has the wrong people in charge. Jealousy is a driving factor in all of this. Either way, the Golden Knights are a great story, and they’re one chapter away from making it the best story in United States sports history.