Vegas Golden Knights Claim Malcolm Subban Off Waivers

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 25 : Malcolm Subban
BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 25 : Malcolm Subban /

On Tuesday, the Vegas Golden Knights claimed the Boston Bruins prospect off of waivers. He will be included on the Knights 23-man roster. Could a trade be coming from the Golden Knights?

Malcolm Subban has been claimed off waivers from the Boston Bruins. Subban was drafted by the Bruins 24th overall in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. He has only played two games in the NHL, and I’m sure most remember his first game. It was a poor performance, but I still believe this kid has got some potential.

With Subban being claimed off waivers, what comes next? The Golden Knights know have Marc- Andre Fleury, Calvin Pickard, and Subban in goal. All three are no longer waiver exempt, and it shows a possible trade could be coming. Fleury obviously isn’t going anywhere, since he is the face of the franchise. Now, which of Pickard and Subban gets shipped off to another team?

Do the Golden Knights trade Pickard or Subban?

Pickard and Subban are both great young goalies. I feel that since they picked up Subban, which they don’t see a future with Pickard. If that’s the case, that’s very strange because why would they even take him in the Expansion Draft then? They can get an excellent return for either goalie. In my opinion, I say they trade Subban. I like him, but I don’t see him as a good backup to Fleury. Pickard has better potential.

Pickard’s season wasn’t the greatest, but remember the defense that was playing in front of him in Colorado. The Golden Knights have a better defense core, so I can see Pickard’s game improve. Then again, it’s also hard to determine Subban’s potential with only two NHL games. He didn’t have a great year in the AHL last year though. One of his worst’s seasons during his AHL career.

Final Verdict: Subban is either waived to the AHL or traded.

It would be a terrible idea for the Golden Knights to have three goalies on the roster. The New York Islanders did that, and it turned into a train wreck. One of the three goalies sits in the press box when they could be improving in the AHL. Subban is too old for that though.

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I’m down for keeping him, but he is already 23 years old. If he wants to become a legit goalie in the NHL, he needs to be backing up a goalie in the NHL. He needs to go to a team looking for a reliable backup, and he is ready for that. Here in Vegas though, there is no room for him.